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Harmonie Verein Clubhouse & Hall, 5333 Hackman Road, Augusta, MO 63332

Rob, Pat and Rob Jr bring you a special blend of Wildhorse Creek Band favorites, a few quirky covers and new originals to the stage at the historic Augusta Harmonie Verein Hall hosted by the Augusta Heritage Foundation.

You are guaranteed to hear familiar tunes, tunes with a twist and compelling originals from this talented trio in an intimate, historic environment.

Come out and spend the day in the Augusta area and sample the fine selection of local artists, Missouri wines, shops and dining establishments.

Augusta Harmonie-Verein, also known as the American Legion Post 262 and Grand Army of the Republic Hall, is a historic clubhouse located at 5333 Hackman Road in Augusta, MO.

The Harmonie Verein has a rich history and once served as a German musical/cultural society that existed from 1856-1922.

The historic clubhouse will continue to showcase Augusta’s historical, cultural and community actives into the future.

Doors open 6:30 PM, Admission $10